Arkansas State University
Jonesboro, Arkansas
August 1997 to December 2001
Bachelor of Science: Radio/Television Production

The final years of my formal education took place at Arkansas State University, which is located in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Despite offers from other universities, I decided to attend Arkansas State University because I was really impressed with their College of Communications, which offers students a very "hands on" approach to learning about radio and television broadcasting. While many other colleges and universities made students wait a year or two to work on-air positions, Arkansas State didn't have that. In fact, for most of freshman year I worked on-air and doing production work for KASU-FM. It was impressive that the campus radio station was an affiliate of National Public Radio and featured news and classical music, instead of your traditional campus rock station. I learned a lot from Radio-TV Department Chairman Richard Carvell and professors Dr. Mary Jackson-Pitts and Mike Doyle. I also produced programs for ASU-TV, the university's education access station. I graduated from Arkansas State on December 14, 2001 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications and a minor in Political Science/Pre-Law. I was proud to return to the campus of Arkansas State University in October 2011 to accept an alumni award, 10 years after graduation.

Glenbrook North High School
Northbrook, Illinois
January 1994 to June 1997

Between January 1994 and June 1997, I attended Glenbrook North High School in Northbrook, Illinois. The school's most famous graduate was filmmaker John Hughes, who would later use the school as the setting of "The Breakfast Club" and "Ferris Bueller's Day Off". Working in the media must have been in the air at Glenbrook North because it was there I developed my love for broadcasting. For two semesters I hosted a weekly shift on the school's radio station, WMWA 88.5FM (re-named WGBK in 1997). During my junior and senior years, I worked for the school's cable access television station, GBN-TV Channel 27. With the help of teacher Vince Pinelli, I produced a number of programs for the station dealing with current events, school happenings, and school sports. I was probably best known for co-hosting a monthly variety show called "Tabern Live" with my best friend Alexander Rubinow. It remains the longest running live show in GBN-TV history. Most nights you could find me working as late as 10PM in the television studio. I graduated from Glenbrook North on June 1, 1997. I usually return to Glenbrook North once a year to participate in the annual Radio-thon that we started in 1994.

Niles West High School
Skokie, Illinois
August 1993 to January 1994


During my first semester of high school (August 1993 to January 1994) I attended Niles West in Skokie, Illinois. When I was a student the mascot was the Indians, however that was changed to the Wolves in 2001 to be more politically correct. Also, since I left Niles West, there have been several new additions to the school. However, as of 2011, the exterior of the school looks pretty much the same as when I was a student. I was active on the Freshman Student Council and the Spanish Club during my short time at the school. I was also on the Math Team, which visited different local area high schools for math competitions. Niles West High School, which opened its doors in 1959, is part of Niles Township Community High School District 219. Students from four different northern suburbs of Chicago attend Niles West, including from Morton Grove, Skokie, Niles, and Lincolnwood. I only attended Niles West for a semester because in January 1994 my family moved to nearby Northbrook, which was in a different school district and required me to change schools.

Park View Junior High School
Morton Grove, Illinois
January 1990 to June 1993


Between 1990 and 1993 (second half of 5th grade through 8th grade), I attended Park View Junior High in Morton Grove, Illinois. My teachers included Mrs. Stalke (5th grade), Mrs. Porst and Mrs. Ramseyer (6th grade), and several other teachers during 7th and 8th grades. During the last two years at the school, students rotate classrooms for different subjects. Some of my favorite memories at Park View included "Battle of the Books" (a reading competition sponsored by the local public library), the "Mall Project" (a program for computer class where you operated a simulated store), producing various projects in Ms. Spevak's art classes, and the Friday "News Game" in Mr. Dabriel's social studies classes. It was also at Park View Junior High School that I co-produced my first video project, a short program about the history of Morton Grove. It was produced for students at a junior high in Coal City, Illinois, a sister school of Park View. In June 1993, I graduated from junior high and left Park View. As of 2011, two of my teachers are still currently teaching there.

St. Lambert Catholic School
Skokie, Illinois
August 1989 to January 1990


For the first half of 5th grade (August through December 1989), I attended Saint Lambert's Elementary, a Catholic school located in Skokie, Illinois. It hosted students between 1st and 8th grade. Even though it was a change from public school, I enjoyed my time attending a parochial school because I was able to get an education and learn more about my Catholic faith. My 5th grade teacher was Mrs. Gaynor. Even before attending Saint Lambert Elementary, I had a connection to the Parish because I was Baptized there and also attended CCD and made my First Communion there. St Lambert Elementary opened its doors to students in the Fall of 1954. Unfortunately, due to falling enrollment, it was forced to close in June 2003. Despite the school closure, St Lambert remains and active Catholic church in Skokie. The building housing the former St Lambert Elementary still stands and is rented out to other organizations. I only attended St Lambert Elementary for four months, returning back to public school when my family moved to Morton Grove.

Middleton Elementary School
Skokie, Illinois
August 1984 to June 1989


Between 1983 and 1989, I attended John Middleton Elementary School in Skokie, Illinois. Currently, the school hosts students from 1st through 5th grade, but when I attended Middleton it was for kindergarten through 4th grade students. Some of my favorite memories from Middleton were from the "after school programs" offered. Students who wanted to learn more about a particular subject could attend extra classes taught by the school's teachers. I enjoyed attending the after school art program with Mr. Cox and the after school gym program with Mr. Tesnow. My mom was really active at the school during my time there. She was in charge of running the school store and was also a "picture lady" (someone who would bring art in to the classrooms and explain the pictures to the students). My teachers included Mrs. Pallas (kindergarten), Mrs. Meyer (1st grade), Mrs. Dowman (2nd grade), Mrs. Lax (3rd grade), and Mrs. Stone (4th grade). I "graduated" from Middleton at the end of 4th Grade in June 1989. The last teacher from my time at Middleton retired in 2008.