Clips From My Television Career
Pull up a chair... watch... enjoy!
Before deciding to follow my desires to work in the travel/tourism business, I spent nearly two decades working in broadcasting. Below you will find a description of some of my experiences working in radio and television between 1994 and 2015. Following each paragraph, you will find the station's logo that I worked for. If you click on that logo, a new window will open up on your browser where you can watch some clips that either feature me as the on-air talent, or I helped to produce. I hope you enjoy this collection of clips I put together over the years.


I developed my passion for the radio and television industry while I was a sophomore at Glenbrook North High School in Northbrook, Illinois. Located in an affluent Chicago suburb, the school district owned its own low-powered radio station and cable access television station. While I was a student at Glenbrook North, I hosted a weekly radio show on WMWA-FM (re-named WGBK-FM in January 1997) and produced/hosted various television programs on GBN-TV Channel 27. I am probably best remembered for hosting Tabern Live, the longest running live talk show in the station's history. I co-hosted 15 episodes with my fellow student and friend Alexander Rubinow. We are also remembered for the various John Hughes Retrospectives that we produced for GBN-TV. These segments highlighted various locations around the North Shore of Chicago where filmmaker John Hughes filmed his popular 1980's movies. Hughes was a Glenbrook North alumni. I produced my last show for GBN-TV in May 1997, but did make a guest appearance in November 2006 for a 10th Anniversary reunion episode of Tabern Live.  

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I continued my broadcasting education at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, Arkansas, beginning in August 1997. A few months after I moved to Arkansas, I began working in production for KASU-FM, an affiliate of National Public Radio that was owned and operated by the university. I wore many hats at KASU-FM from being a local news reporter, to serving as a fill-in host for the overnight music program Nightstreams, to answering the phone and helping out during the annual pledge drive. Between May and December 1998, I also did on-air work for two radio stations in Paragould, Arkansas. My brief stint at KDRS-AM and KLQZ-FM was the only time in my career that I worked in commercial radio.

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In December 1998, my career in commercial television began. I took a job as the nightside Assistant Producer at KAIT-TV, the ABC affiliate in Jonesboro, Arkansas. My duties included editing videos from the network feed for the 5:00PM, 6:00PM, and 10:00PM newscasts. I also wrote stories for the 10:00PM Nightbeat newscast and entered stocks and agricultural prices for the news ticker. In October 2000 I was promoted to be the Weekend News Producer and was responsible for the overall content of the station's 5:00PM and 10:00PM newscast on Saturdays. plus the 5:30PM and 10:00PM newscasts on Sundays. I left both KASU-FM and KAIT-TV in December 2001, after earning my B.S. degree in Radio-Television Production from Arkansas State University.

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Between December 2001 and February 2003, I worked as the Morning News Producer at WKJG-TV (later re-named WISE-TV), the NBC affiliate in Fort Wayne; our viewing area covered areas of northeast Indiana, northwest Ohio, and parts of extreme southern Michigan. I was responsible for the overall content of NBC 33 News Today, the local two-hour weekday morning newscast. During my time as the show's producer our ratings saw a steady rise, and we often began beating out the local morning show at the CBS station in town. It was a great honor to work for NBC, which had always been my favorite network.

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Wanting to move closer to my family in the Chicago area, I took an Assistant Producer position in February 2003 at WDJT-TV, the CBS affiliate in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I was responsible for writing news stories and producing the local news ticker for the morning newscast. After just a few months, I was promoted to be the Producer of the CBS 58 Morning News Express; I oversaw the expansion of the show into a two-hour long newscast. I continued working on the morning newscast, but was promoted again in 2005 to become the station's Senior Producer. In October 2008, I put third shift hours behind me when my duties shifted to web producing and overseeing the content of the station's four weekend newscasts. I was laid off from WDJT-TV in March 2009 when the station decided to undertake some cuts to its news department.

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After four years away from broadcasting, I decided to accept an Assignment Editor position in May 2013 with WTMJ-TV, the NBC affiliate in Milwaukee. I worked dayside three days per week and nightside two days per week overseeing the stories that reporters and photographers would cover. An assignment editor assigns stories to crews for the various newscasts at a station. WTMJ-TV has long been the "station of record" in Milwaukee and it was quite an honor working for the flagship station of the Journal Broadcast Group. While I enjoyed my time at WTMJ-TV, I came to realize my interest was becoming stronger for travel. I decided to leave WMTJ-TV in late 2014, but stayed on part-time through early February 2015 to help with the transition process. I look back with fondness on my time in television news, but am also glad to be doing something else -- especially with all of the changes that have happened in the industry in the past 20 years.

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